CEO Aero Engine Craft (Pvt.) Ltd.

Visiting Fellow, School of Aerospace, Cranfield University, UK

PhD. Aerospace Propulsion (Cranfield University)

MSc. Aerospace Dynamics (Cranfield University)

Private Pilot License (PPL 2665)

Sarah has a PhD degree in Aerospace Engineering from Cranfield University, UK. Her area of specialization is Propulsion whereby she worked on the development of a contrail-free aero-engine that has been derived from a novel patented technology. Sarah was actively involved with the invented technical outcome of the engine. The innovated engine has a tremendous potential in bringing about an environmental revolution in the context of aviation. Dr. Sarah Qureshi , along with the inventor of technology Mr. Masood Latif Qureshi has now set up Aero Engine Craft (Private) Limited to convert this patented technology into a full scale commercial application ready to be used by modern civil transport aircraft. During her PhD, Sarah supervised a number of MSc. students for their research projects on Jet Engine Technology. Prior to this, Sarah completed her master’s degree in the field of Aerospace Dynamics from Cranfield University, UK. Her research involved the design of a trajectory following controller inclusive of stability augmentation, attitude control system and outer loop autopilot for unmanned aircraft (UAVs) flying in close formation for the purpose of air to air refuelling. After graduating as a Mechanical Engineer from Pakistan, Sarah gained extensive experience of working in the local automotive and engineering industry. Her bachelors’ research project involved the development of a measurement and data logging system for the in-cylinder temperature and combustion of an internal combustion engine. Her prime technical interests are focused upon engine technology and aircraft design. Sarah holds a Private Pilot License (PPL) with 70 hours of Flying Experience. She has also learned acrobatic flying and several flight manoeuvres while at Cranfield


Chief Scientist Officer and Chief Technology Officer

Aero Engine Craft Private Limited

Masood has a Masters degree in Physics and Electronics Engineering. He has over 45 years of work experience in UK and Pakistan. Masood has a multidisciplinary expertise in a number of engineering fields primarily electronic control systems, instrumentation, communications, automotive, aerospace, mechanical and manufacturing engineering. Successful products developed by him over the years include electron beam particle accelerator, C-Band antennae, intruder detection security system, plastic injection processing, machine tool design, paper width detector for paper mills, ionization probe for IC engines, camera jig, injection moulding controller, beam change controller and CNC machines controller. His present work is focused on the development and prototyping of a 600 cc two cylinder transfer engine, a centrifugal water expeller for jet engines, and a 1000 cc elliptic rotary vane engine. Masood co-authored a postgraduate textbook on Chemistry published by Wiley VCH and has been coding software in C++. He works with a unique combination of art, design and engineering and has over 10 inventions in the aerospace, automotive and electronics domain with two internationally granted patents. He is an accomplished artist and avidly paints landscapes in watercolour. Masood has always been a keen explorer and has travelled to 52 countries in the world.


Financial Advisor

MBA Corporate Finance ( LUMS Pakistan)

Founder & CEO at Lahorelicious

Sharmeen has an MBA degree from LUMS, with concentration on Corporate Finance. She has nearly nine years of of experience primarily focused on financial advisory, restructuring and valuation. This also includes two years of work in nature conservation, which were instrumental in shaping her perspective on (and continuing interest in) environmental protection, sustainable energy use and renewable sources of energy. Her areas of expertise are financial modelling and investment analysis, and she has developed a number of financial models to proveide strategic advisory services for clients in the power, gas, transport, infrastructure, real-estate and hospitality sector.


Technical Advisor

PhD Quantum Chemistry

Professor Quaid-e-Azam University

Dr. Rumana Qureshi has over 35 years of experience in research and postgraduate teaching in the field of Quantum Chemistry. Her area of expertise includes Computational Chemistry, Electrochemistry and Physical Chemistry. During her research span, she programmed several software packages and algorithms for conducting research in Quantum Chemistry. She has also developed curricula for teaching Computational Chemistry at postgraduate level. Over the years she has successfully supervised 22 MPhil graduates and 6 PhD graduates in the field of Quantum Mechanics, Electrochemistry, Impedance Spectroscopy, UV Spectroscopy, Drug DNA Interactions and Nano-materials . Rumana has also co-authored a postgraduate text book on Chemistry titled “Pericyclic Reactions” published by Wiley-VCH. In addition, She has also contributed to two book chapters in the same field. To date, she has authored 90 publications for reputed journals across the world, with 1100 citations for her research. She also conducts workshops for Computational and Quantum Chemistry for academics and students. Rumana has a keen interest in mountaineering, reading literature and writing poetry.


Financial Advisor

Chartered Accountant, Executive MBA

Regional CFO Digicel Group

Sana Khan is a C Level Executive having expertise in Strategy, Financial Management, Commercial Negotiations, Business Planning, Organization Structuring, ERP System Implmentations as well as Operations and Cost Optimization. After Starting her career with PWC she gained her multi-disciplinary experience working with Schlumberger across the globe in Europe, Asia and the Middle East with Blue Chip MScs in Oil and Gas and Telecom sectors.

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