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Aero Engine Craft is developing contrail-free aero-engines for the reduction of global warming and to induce artificial rain during aircraft flight through on-board water recovery from fuel emissions; creating a vision of the future for the aviation industry whereby it can not only reduce aviation induced global warming but also adopt an approach to treat the fuel emissions as a resource. A revolutionary technology is employed that eliminates contrails at source and recovers water from fuel exhaust emissions as a net positive product. This is a true definition of a disruptive technology; a global first attempt to create water within the aero-engine from the exhaust plume during flight, carry it aboard and release it as rainfall prior to landing. Our product is a low cost alternative to aero-engine redesign, and offers revenue potential to the aviation industry while solving a crucial environmental challenge. The business is modelled as a circular economy creating value for global engine manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers and airlines by providing compliance to environmental standards and revenue through emission trading and artificial rainfall. Aero Engine Craft aims to mark the beginning of the first contrail-free aircraft flight in the world!



  • Invisible contrail-less exhaust from engine 1
  • Add-on device fitted to engine 1 results in a water free exhaust emission and prevents the formation of contrails. The device is meant to be attached onto all engines. Engines 2,3 and 4 are displayed as conventional without the device whereby the exhaust plume is creating contrails behind the aircraft. This has been done to show comparison between the current and future contrail-less flight.
  • Contrails formed by the emission of Aero-Engine exhaust during flight pose a serious environmental concern for the aviation industry. Research is underway for the next generation of contrail-free aircraft.
  • Aero Engine Craft aims to bring environmental compatibility in aero engine systems through contrail elimination

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